Ode To The Road:


I love that all the money I’d spend to rent 
a place to work  a job
goes into my gas tank, and takes me 
on an adventure 
   surrounded by tokens 
of affection

from friends I’ve made 
and kept

along the way 

   I’ve learned that it is wiser for me to 
understand how to live than

how to make a living 

more  meaningful to

work for something 
than for someone 
a few years ago
I realized that I didn’t know
what I was going to do 
 with the rest of my life
I guess I didn’t think 
I would make it this far 
So I set off on an adventure with one of my best friends 
hoping that
the open road
some fresh air
and a new beginning  
would bring me to peace
on my path

~ ~ ~ 

  everything is easier   
when you're just passing thru


Its been a while
since i started down this road  
But I think I’m getting   
pretty comfortable   
with a life lived in transition   


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