For My Mom

Thank you for raising me to be strong enough to face the world 

and then for standing by my side while I stand up for myself. 

I know how hard it can be to relive our experiences…

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I did this for you

My first night in Edinburgh, I slept in the airport. I waited too long to book a bed in a hostel, so I found myself a bench without arm rests and laid down. I woke up an hour later, relieved to…

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Transition is surrender

Oh, how time can move both fast & slow is so amazing to me 
5/21 marks four years into my transition 

when I started, I wondered what my life would look like in a few years, 

who would…

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make a happy ending

Right now, all around this country, there are people trying to pass legislation that polices the right of transgender and gender non-conforming folks to use public restrooms… 

The fact that these bullies have made it a priority for our…

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Identity is Destiny 


BFI Flare, an LGBT film festival recently flew me overseas for the first public screening of REAL BOY.

Y'all I was sooooo nervous.

A lot of people have asked me if it's uncomfortable, 

watching my nineteen year old…

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Ode To The Road:


I love that all the money I’d spend to rent 
a place to work  a job
goes into my gas tank, and takes me 
on an adventure 
   surrounded by tokens 
of affection…

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Don't Say I Didn't Warn Ya

~ 3/11/2016 

Only God Can Judge Me
but i know she'd rather love me
kiss my scars and wipe my tears
and hold my hand when things get ugly
cus' I know, I know
it won't be long before…

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call to rise

~ 2/12/2016 

The revelation of my identity had been emerging in my awareness for some time.
It kind of happened in steps
I really didn't want to be transgender
I had negative associations with that word
 i had already been…

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~ 1/14/2016 

When I met filmmaker Shaleece Haas, I had recently started my transition and had just moved into an attic in Sacramento, California for the summer. The house I was living in was hosting a show, and I was opening…

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