make a happy ending

Right now, all around this country, there are people trying to pass legislation that polices the right of transgender and gender non-conforming folks to use public restrooms… 

The fact that these bullies have made it a priority for our country to invest public attention and resources into an issue that doesn't even exist is mind-numbing 

and the fact that people buy into this garbage is exhausting. 

The anti-lgbt proponents of these bills 
are notorious "religious freedom" groups 
who apparently, 
after all the years of soul searching 
in the pews of their beloved churches, 
have concluded that this is in fact 
what Jesus would do.   

and when they say things like 
"I don't want my child in a restroom with one of them" 
"perverts are going to use this as an excuse to attack our children!" 

really, what they ought to be saying is 
"I'm afraid of things I don't understand" 

"I watch too much television" 

my head is going crazy 
with all the restroom restlessness 
because I know that there are kids out there 
struggling to come to terms 
with who they are 
and they are watching our country debate on whether or not 
they should be allowed to use the restroom 
and they are being mercilessly reduced to their bodies 
in this humiliating discussion, 
which is truly an ugly distraction 
from the very real injustices 
that we need to discus 

I have an idea to put this to rest; 

lets build another bathroom 
for all the dogmatic assholes 
that are so afraid of people 
that look different from them 
so that they can take a piss 
safe from their imaginary problems, 
protecting nobody from nothing 
but the reality of diversity that exists 
in the spectrum of human existence 

while the rest of us continue to do what we can 
to dismantle the mechanisms of ignorance and hate 

Hell is not a place you go when you die 
It is a life lived in fear, 
knowing that at the end of your time 
you wasted your life 
living a lie 
because some asshole 
condemned your soul 
and body 
in the name 
of Christ 

Jesus loves me. 
quit using 
of scripture 
to further 
your agendas 
of hate and division 

Hell is not a place you go when you die 

It is a life lived in fear 

so don't be afraid 

just be you 

live your truth 

embrace your story 

and please 

for God's sake, 
for humanity's sake, 

make a happy ending.

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