Beautiful Boy


beautiful boy, darling boy 

I know that you are afraid 

I want you to know that I understand why you are scared 

and sad 

and feeling so alone 

but I am here to take care of us now 

and I want you to know 

that we made it


darling boy 

I’m writing from the other side 

and I am so very proud of you 

for everything that you did to keep us safe, 

for your fearless self expression 

and commitment to being exactly who you are. 


there is no reason for you to feel ashamed 

for the ways in which you compromised your self 

in order to survive. 



beautiful boy, 

I want you to know

that I see you 

and I know that it wasn’t easy 


you should know

that in your process 

of returning to yourself 

that you have inspired others 

to return to themselves, too 

and you have taught many people 

what love really looks like 

in your courage 

to be

who you




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